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- 2017 Intensive acting workshop, led by coach Michael Rodgers

- Oct 06/Jun 07 1st year drama school at Accademia dello Spettacolo - Milan

- Oct 06/Mar 07 film directing course at Training Works / Didachè - Como

- April 2006 Intensive workshop film, led by actor John D'Aquino, using the Meisner method

- November 2005 Intensive harmonic voice seminar, led by Lorenzo Pierobon

- May/June 2005 digital cinema workshop, learning skills such as script, direction, photography and editing, at Officina Film Milano

- May 2005 Intensive film workshop, led by Paolo Trotti at Teatri Possibili, learning an actor's behaviour while in front of the camera

- Sep/Oct 2004 Actors Studio Workshop, Master Class for professionals, directed by Bernard Hiller (student of Lee Strasberg ), in collaboration with actor John Philip Law (student of Stella Adler)

Main Experiences

Theatre: 2013 “Le Danze di Nemesia” - directed by William Angiuli

             2012/13 “Napoli milionaria” di Eduardo De Filippo - directed by Dario Tognocchi

             2011/12 “Othello” - role Othello - directed by Enrico Tosi

             2010 “Natale in casa Cupiello” written by Eduardo De Filippo

             2004/05 “Cerco mio sosia anche usato” written by Franco Roberto

             2002/04 “Il povero Piero” written by Achille Campanile

             2001 “Cerco mio sosia anche usato” written by Franco Roberto

             2000 “The Little Prince” written by Saint Exupéry

             2000 “Il curtil di Cassinett” written by Roberto Zago

             1998 “Ten Little Indians” written by Agatha Christie

             1996 “The Waiting Guest” written by Agatha Christie

Cinema:  2018 “Black Out” directed by Tommaso Zanetta - prod. Indievolpe (short film)

              2018 “Dante Va Alla Guerra” directed by Roberto Albanesi

              2018 “Ad Ogni Uomo Basta La Sua Croce” directed by Giovanni Nodari (short film)

              2017 “Non Nuotate In Quel Fiume 2” directed by Roberto Albanesi

              2016 “100 Milioni di Bracciate” directed by Donatella Cervi

              2016 “Judas - The Movie” directed by Pierluigi Sposato

              2016 “Shores” directed by Simone Chiesa (short film)

              2016 “Non Nuotate in quel Fiume” directed by Roberto Albanesi

              2015 “Links - season 2” webseries directed by Giorgio Pastore

              2015 “The Chatroom” directed by Massimiliano Vergani (short film)

              2015 “Il Prestito” directed by Caterina Rogani - prod. Collepardo Italy

              2014 “Il Regalo di Compleanno” directed by Massimiliano Vergani (short film)

              2014 “The Craftsman” directed by Marcello Baretta (short film)


              2014 “Woof” directed by S. Chiesa e R. Albanesi - prod. NewOldStoryFilm (short film)             

              2013 “Happy Easter” directed by S. Chiesa and R. Albanesi (short film)

              2013 “Beyond Love” directed by Silvio Nacucchi

              2013 “Resident Evil Date Mortis” directed by S. Chiesa and R. Albanesi

              2012 “Exchanging Confidences” directed by Silvio Nacucchi (pilot)

              2012 “Dirty Move - the series” directed by Luca Calone (pilot)

              2011 “The Rage” directed by Pierluigi Sposato (trailer)

              2010 “Aminta’s Poem” directed by Giorgio Pastore and Max Pozzi - prod. Visionfilm Italy

              2010 “Terry, a cat for success” directed by Silvio Mason (short film)

              2009 “Jogo Duplo” directed by Alberto Anzani

              2009 “Il Pubblico Sovrano” directed by Stefano Belli (short film)

              2009 “That's Amore” directed by Thomas Poltronieri (short film)

              2009 “The Forum” directed by Massimiliano Vergani (short film)

              2007 “Kidnapped” directed by Fabrizio Luisi (short film)

              2007 “Indiscutibile” directed by William Angiuli (short film)

              2006 “L’amore che cos’è” directed by Johnny Dell’Orto

              2006 “Novella traumatica” directed by Massimiliano Vergani (short film)

              2004 “Lost pictures” directed by Chris Zecca (short film)

Speaker: 2014 voice for “Microsoft - Windows Azure” ad

              2013 voice for “Microsoft - Digitali per Crescere” ad

              2013 voice for “Transcom” ad

              2012 voice for dvd Bosch tester KTS e ESI TRONIC 2.0 tutorial

              2011 voice for “Spi Cgil” ad

              2011 voice for “Gruppo Agenti Axa” ad

              2010 singer for “Parlami d’amore” ad, Alcamo Festival winner

              2010 voice for “Triono” ad

              2010 voice for “Salone Creativa” ad - Lugano

              2010 voice for “Alessandro Volta’s life” iPhone tutorial

              2009 radio drama “Othello” directed by Enrico Tosi

              2008 radio drama “Much Ado About Nothing” directed by Enrico Tosi

              2007 voice for the book trailer “Looking Good Dead” by Peter James

Ad and Web:  2018 “Very Fast People” ad, prod. Areastream

                      2017 “Divani&Divani” ad

                      2017 “Very Fast People” ad, prod. Areastream

                      2014 “” ad, prod. Identity Switzerland

                      2014 “Costa Crociere” ad

                      2014 “Enel Energia” ad, prod. Think Cattleya Milan

                      2014 “Oxo Ottica - Ci Vediamo” ad, prod. XCOMM Milan

                      2014 “Enhance SA” ad, directed by Fausto Migliori

                      2014 “Mediolanum” ad, prod. Ghost

                      2013 TV Promo Winter Olympics 2014 ad, directed by S. Palazzese for R.S.I.

                      2013 “Mediaset Infinity” ad, prod. Movie Magic International

                      2013 “Estathè Street Food” ad, prod. Movie Magic International

                      2013 “Fineco” ad, prod. Movie Magic International

                      2013 “Clei Furnitures” ad, directed by Paolo Lipari

                      2013 “Asiago Food” ad, directed by Stefania Moretti (Audiovideoitaliana)

                      2013 “Coach Lavoratorio” ad, prod. Fondamedia

                      2013 “Lidl - Anch’io” ad, for Lidl Supermarket - prod. Albatros

                      2012 “Rittal” ad, for Salone del Mobile - Milan

                      2012 “Divertimento da camera” ad, for Salone del Mobile - Milan

                      2010 “il farmacista risponde” for Bayer website

                      2007 book trailer “Looking Good Dead” by Peter James

                      2006 “New Pet Generation” ad, Ferplast Farm

Tv Shows: Various Italian TV shows

Music: Participation in Italian Music Awards Selection

Languages: Native Italian

                  Other Languages English, French           

Additional Skills: poet, drums and percussion player, singer, video making and editing